Unique Care

IT tools for triage centers and for telemonitoring of Covid-19 patients

The new version of Unique Care® allows local services to quickly activate the medium-term monitoring of the Covid-19 epidemic. The platform supports the exchange of data with apps and telemedicine tools, the information transmission to and from external epidemiological systems, recurrent and programmed interaction with monitoring and geolocation apps.

The mobile and tablet modules of Unique Care® allow healthcare professionals to carry out home operations in an organized way and to exchange data in real time with the central IT systems.

What’s included?

First contact

  • Phone call and patient geo-location (Address + GPS).
  • Acquisition of contact lists and potential targets from external information systems.
  • Mobile app geolocation.

Remote Triage

  • Customizable, multiple choice and response driven assessment protocols.
  • Acquisition of clinical parameters.
  • Supporting COVID-19 specific assessment algorithms (Suspect / Probable / Confirmed).
  • Data collection from mobile app and external systems.
  • Telemedicine data from devices
    (e.g. saturation, spirometry, heart rate, blood pressure, glycemia).

Identification and reporting of suspicious cases

  • Digital patient card in exportable format.
  • Automatic notification to health protection agencies platforms.
  • Data exchange with emergency platforms (EMS, 911 and similar) and with hospital systems.

Active surveillance and recall

  • Continuous updating of contact lists for recall.
  • Configurable recall and triage periodicity.
  • Periodic updating of the patient's geographical position.
  • Acquisition of geo-location and telemedicine data from external mobile apps.

Distributed operations

  • Operational support for all healthcare and home care professionals.
  • Central government of missions.
  • Mobile, tablet and on-board device modules for active home care surveillance.