In a single software solution, Unique Care® offers all the digital tools for helplines and territorial out-of-hours services (such as the UK NHS 111).

Thanks to the shared platform, the Control Room has whole visibility on the local units operating, while the territorial services access updated and precise information about the required tasks.


Call-taking e and call management

  • Complete support for the whole call management process.
  • Call waiting lists and the list of cases under management are available to all operators. UniqueCare
  • Automatic acquisition of caller data.
  • Automatic geo-location of the call, supporting mobile apps.
  • Transfer to another Authority.
  • Integration with external patient archives.
  • UniqueCare

Triage and mission card

  • Digital card containing caller, patient, location data, case assessment, attachments and mission notes. UniqueCare
  • The digital card can be forwarded to external systems (e.g. EMS Control Rooms).
  • Interactive map for manual localization of the mission location. UniqueCare
  • Personalized and third party assessment protocols.
  • Archive of managed calls.

Working with the interactive map

  • Geocoding and reverse geocoding (geo-locating the target address / finding the address from the GPS position).
  • Detailed view of the resources available in the area and of their operational status. UniqueCare
  • Task assignment and management of the mission progress directly on the map.
  • Resource allocation is based on jurisdictions and attendance time.
  • The system automatically suggests the most suitable resources for the mission, but the operator can override the advice.
  • The operator is always informed about the workload for each territorial unit.
  • For each potentially assignable resource, the expected time to arrive at the intervention site is estimated.
  • UniqueCare

On-board modules

  • Homecare operators consult and update the mission card directly from their mobile device. UniqueCare
  • Mission progress is immediately sent to the Control Center.
  • GPS Satellite navigation is integrated with the mission card.
  • UniqueCare

Web modules for hospitals and territorial healthcare facilities

  • A range of tools completely dedicated to the activities carried out by the peripheral centers.
  • Compatible with the most used Internet browsers (Firefox, Chrome, ...), both on PC and tablet.
  • No installation, no maintenance, no infrastructure costs.
  • UniqueCare

Administrative tools

  • Customization of all territorial competences (jurisdictions).
  • Management of hourly availability, days of inactivity and extraordinary closings.
  • Comprehensive registry of all resources available on the territory.
  • Customization of categories, tags and other details used for the task classification.
  • Comprehensive registry of mobile devices involved.
  • Management of authorized users.
Unique Care

High range usability

Unique Care® offers the most modern user experience for out-of-hours software solutions. Everything is designed to be faster, more precise and to let the operator never lose the picture of the situation.

  1. User interface based on emergency management software, thus ensuring speed and precision.
  2. Automatic systems highlight anomalies and inconsistencies.
  3. Intelligent decision support is included, yet leaving the operator complete freedom of management.
  4. Auto-fill feature, based on linguistic prediction.
  5. Similar cases and already managed patients are notified to the user.
  6. Guided assesment protocols.
  7. The management flow is completely open.
  8. The mission management can be performed directly on the map.

Cloud and hybrid: choose the most modern software for your services

Unique Care® is based on Regola's exclusive "Hybrid" technology, a winning combination of cloud services and Control Room’s workstations. Therefore you get the security of customized software platforms with the flexibility of SaaS solutions.

  • Business continuity and persistence of data even in case of failure.
  • Low risk in case of mass cyber attacks.Lightweight software and reduction of infrastructure costs.
  • Lightweight software and reduction of infrastructure costs.